An intranet is essentially a website which acts as an internal communications services for an organisations. Inforox provides development of customised intranet services designed for organizations who want to enhance their internal communication. We understand that finding the right global intranet services services for your business could be a daunting or confusing task.

Inforox will build your intranets around powerful Content Management System (CMS). This provides closed user group or staff necessary tools to manage and update their content. We are committed to providing clarity throughout our engagement with you.

Features and Benefits

Address Book Keep track of your contacts and vendors.The address book has a search feature and Also add unlimited number of contacts.
Events Calendar Allows you to Post events or see calendar what is happening in your community.
Classified Section Easily Post, manage and display classified ads and announcements
News Keep your staff informed about latest news and developments by integrating news module into your intranet.
Policies and Procedures Allows you to enforce Policies and procedures for your organisation.
Health and Safety provides health and safety managers with real-time access to incident reports from any location.
Full Control (Departments menus) Business owners or department heads manage their own content within a familiar word processing environment, without IT assistance
Full Search Locate all of your corporate information in one easy to find location.