PacketFence-Open Source Network Access Control with Professional Support:


Inforox provide professional support services towards deployment of an award winning open source Scalable and Cost effective Network access control (NAC) solution- PacketFence. We have the skills and professional experience that you may require to take the full advantage of PacketFence features.

PacketFence is released under GPL , is a trusted network access control (NAC)and proves to be a very cost effective solution as compared to the commercial vendors in the market e.g. Symantec, Bradford Campus Network, McAfee, Sophos etc. PacketFence can be configured to run as a Virtual Appliance, does not require investment in physical appliances and being an open source network access control, there are no licensing fees attached to it either.
Deployment of any network access control can be very challenging task if not planned properly and causes network issues but with support from our experienced network security specialists, we can take care of the challenges while you concentrate on supporting your existing infrastructure. PacketFence -Network Access Control (NAC) is an essential security component for any small to very large heterogeneous networks where physical data points are not physically secured and there’s is a threat of alien devices being connected e.g. virus infected laptops, un-authorised and rogue wireless access points. PacketFence -Network Access Control (NAC) is generally installed in small to large organisations that include Hotels, Schools, Colleges, Universities, Banks, Manufacturing and Engineering sector and lot more.

Features and Benefits

Deployment & Scalability Seamless Integration regardless of the Capacity of Network Infrastructure. Suites well for large heterogeneous networks 
Security without loss of Network Flexibility Works perfectly with your existing Architect of Network security solutions like Firewalls devices and Anti-virus solutions 
Protect your corporate assets Enforces complete organizational compliance based endpoint protection policies so that only registered and compliant devices can have access.
A Multi-vendor Solution

Offers a complete support for Multi-vendor Networking devices.

Low Cost with No Software Fee Free and Open source gives you independence from expensive software Licensing fee
Comprehensive control over Coverage Management of all the access methods use to connect to your network like Switching, Router WAN links, Wireless and remote access. 
No need for Client Side Installation Does not need any software installation on the clients systems.
Monitoring and Detection Consistently detect and identify Abnormal activities and evaluate access to your network.
Centralized Management System With Packet Fence reduces administration efforts. IT Staff has less to worry about
Guest Support Allows guests to access network, while Blocking unknown devices
Scalability Can be deployed from small to large Networks. Suits Well for Large heterogeneous networks.
Automatic and Manual Remediation Non-compliant devices are quickly repaired through automated and interactive remediation options