At Inforox, we believe that custom applications can be developed and designed to exactly match and complement your business requirements. We have the experience, skills and the resources to deliver solutions that meet any business requirements and prove that we can deliver a tailored solution for your business that you cannot find in a packaged solution.

Depending on your business needs, developing bespoke systems and software for business can sometimes prove to be the easier and cost effective option instead of customising existing software system available in the market.

We can also help integrating, streamlining and synchronising existing software solutions deployed within your organisation by developing drivers and connectors using our development resources and producing results that matters for your business.

Our tailored mobile and web apps solutions for your business can help you achieve maximum advantages from your internal and external business processes. This is not normally the case with packaged solutions as they are not customisable which results in compromise to some of the business elements.

Our team can develop custom database applications, web (internal and external) applications, customised reporting from existing systems (Crystal Reports etc.).

We have wide range of skill set in software development and use the market leading tools e.g. Microsoft .Net, PHP, ASP, Java and associated database technology such as Microsoft SQL Server 2000, Microsoft SQL Server 2005, Microsoft SQL Server 2008 and MySQL.

Bespoke software development is carried out with the latest design codes and practices at surprisingly reasonable prices. Please Contact Us and see how much productivity we can increase in your business by deploying a customised software system.