When developing a React Native app, it’s crucial to use isolated UI components to speed up development time. It aligns with React’s core philosophy, which heavily influences the mobile framework. Just like React lets developers use native HTML elements such as divs, text inputs, and buttons, React Native allows for the utilisation of platform-specific GUI elements to create mobile apps with customised styles. In this blog post, we will explore five of the best React Native UI libraries that can significantly boost your app development process.

React Native Elements

React Native Elements is a popular UI library that offers a wide range of customizable components, including buttons, forms, icons, and navigation elements. It provides a clean and consistent design system, allowing developers to quickly build visually appealing apps. With its simple API and extensive documentation, React Native Elements is an excellent choice for developers of all skill levels.


NativeBase is a comprehensive UI library that provides a large collection of reusable UI components and themes. It follows Material Design guidelines and offers a highly customizable interface. NativeBase components include buttons, tabs, cards, headers, and much more. It also integrates well with other popular libraries, such as React Navigation, making it a versatile choice for building feature-rich React Native applications.

React Native Paper

If you prefer a Material Design-themed UI library, React Native Paper is an excellent option. Developed by the creators of Material-UI, this library provides a set of high-quality components and theming options. It includes components like buttons, cards, dialogues, and text inputs that adhere to Material Design principles. React Native Paper’s modular design allows you to import only the components you need, reducing the bundle size and optimising performance.

Shoutem UI Toolkit

Shoutem UI Toolkit is a comprehensive library that offers a wide range of customizable UI components. It provides a rich set of pre-designed components, including grids, lists, charts, and maps. With the Shoutem UI Toolkit, you can create visually appealing and feature-rich apps without the need for extensive customization. The library also includes support for animations and internationalisation, making it a versatile choice for building cross-platform applications.

React Native Material Kit

React Native Material Kit is another UI library that follows Material Design guidelines. It provides a set of beautiful and interactive components, including buttons, cards, sliders, and toggles. The library offers multiple theme options and customisation possibilities, allowing you to tailor the UI to match your app’s branding. React Native Material Kit simplifies the development process and ensures a consistent and polished user interface.

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