Visit Me – Visitor Management System

Visit Me: Where every guest is welcomed with efficiency and ease.

Project Overview  

Visit Me is a state-of-the-art Visitor Management System designed to streamline and enhance the check-in and check-out process for both employees and visitors. Combining a sleek, user-friendly interface with powerful features such as express sign-in, wireless badge printing, and real-time evacuation lists, Visit Me ensures efficient, secure, and seamless visitor experiences. 

Developed by Inforox, this innovative solution not only improves operational efficiency but also elevates the overall guest experience, making it an indispensable tool for modern businesses. 


The primary objective of Visit Me was to develop a robust, user-friendly system to automate the visitor management process by addressing key pain points such as lengthy check-in times, inefficient visitor tracking, and inadequate security measures. By implementing Visit Me, the client aimed to minimise the time required for guests to sign in and out, maintain accurate real-time records of all visitors, and provide a seamless and intuitive experience for both visitors and employees.

How We Helped  

Inforox closely collaborated with the client to understand their requirements and challenges, employing a structured approach that included detailed requirement analysis, wireframe and prototype development, robust development using Laravel for the web portal and Flutter for the mobile app, rigorous testing for functionality and security, and successful deployment with comprehensive staff training for smooth adoption.

Visit Me

Key Features

Visit Me is packed with features designed to enhance the visitor management experience:  

Sleek Design  

The intuitive, user-friendly interface ensures that visitors and employees can navigate the system with ease, minimising the learning curve and maximising usability. Administrators can access a comprehensive, feature-rich dashboard that provides a real-time overview of all visitor activities, including visitor logs, analytics, and system settings, enabling efficient visitor flow management.  

Visitor Recognition  

The system recognises returning visitors, enabling quick and efficient express sign-in, which reduces wait times and enhances the visitor experience. Additionally, this feature includes enhanced security measures, such as biometric verification and other advanced protocols, ensuring that only authorised individuals can gain access to the premises.  

Badge Printing  

Visitors can print their badges wirelessly during the check-in process, with the integration of the Brother printer SDK ensuring high-quality badge printing without manual intervention. Administrators can customise badge designs to include the company logo, visitor’s name, photo, and other relevant details, enhancing both security and branding.  


Hosts can pre-register guests by entering their details in advance, speeding up the sign-in process and allowing visitors to bypass the manual entry of information. Once pre-registered, visitors receive automated email invitations with visit details, including date, time, and directions, ensuring they are well-prepared before arrival.  

Evacuation Lists  

The system offers real-time accountability by enabling administrators to generate evacuation lists instantly during emergencies, detailing all individuals present on the premises. This ensures accurate headcounts and facilitates effective emergency management. Moreover, the system supports safety compliance by maintaining precise visitor records, crucial for audits and inspections, thereby enhancing overall organisational safety protocols.

Host Notification  

Hosts receive instant email notifications upon their visitors’ arrival at the front desk, ensuring prompt reception and minimising visitor wait times. This flexibility enhances communication efficiency and the visitor management experience.

Software and Technologies Used  

Inforox leveraged a range of technologies and software to develop the Visit Me system:  

Web Portal: Developed using Laravel, a powerful PHP framework known for its elegance and robustness.  

Mobile Application: Built using Flutter, allowing for a smooth, cross-platform experience on both iOS and Android devices.  

Badge Printing: Integrated with the Brother printer SDK for reliable and efficient badge printing.  


The implementation of Visit Me resulted in significant improvements, including drastically reduced check-in and check-out times, enhanced security with real-time visitor visibility, and compliance with safety regulations. Achieving a 97% client satisfaction rate, Visit Me has become a successful product in the UK corporate market, reflecting its effectiveness and reliability.


The Visit Me project showcases Inforox’s expertise in delivering high-quality web and app development solutions. By addressing the specific needs of the client and leveraging advanced technologies, Inforox has created a powerful and efficient Visitor Management System that stands out in the market.  

Visit Me’s success, with its impressive 97% client satisfaction rating, speaks volumes about Inforox’s commitment to exceeding expectations. Do you need a web or app development solution to streamline your business processes and enhance the customer experience? Contact Inforox today and let’s discuss how we can transform your vision into reality.