One thing our customers notice is that we are very religious about the use of collaboration boards in web development projects. For some of our web development customers, this is something completely new and they have lots of questions about this approach.

Collaboration boards and web development projects go hand-in-hand.
Remember the good old days, when customer and web developers communicated over emails about the list of changes and task progress? We don’t! This is because, for a very long time, we have been using better and clever technologies to make web development project progress more transparent to the customer.
So if you are looking to start a new web project, or if you are already working on an existing project with an agency, ask for collaboration board to be in place.
In its simplest form, a collaboration board is a screen with three columns. To-Do, In Progress, Completed. Obviously our project boards are a bit more enhanced. Items appearing in boards (called cards or user stories) appear in those columns and are moved from left to right as they progress.

As a web development agency, we are amazed to find out that there are web companies out there still working without any proper project management tools, let alone collaboration boards.

So if you want to do one thing that will improve your communication with your web development agency and get projects go live sooner, you must have a collaboration board for your project.
There are several choices out there and most of them are really cost-effective. From the industry’s most used Jira to very simple , you can get started within minutes.

We are a Birmingham based web development agency that specialises in results-obsessed web development. If you need any assistance with a new project or existing ones, feel free to get in touch.