Recently we have been working with a client that required implementation of DfT feeds.

It is now mandatory for bus operators to provide certain information in real-time to DfT (Department of Transport

Bus operators are required by law to provide certain information to DfT

  • Timetables
  • Automatic Vehicle Locations (AVL)
  • Fares

DfT collects the above and makes it available to the general public through their web portal and tech providers are encouraged to develop solutions using this data.

For small operators, it is a bit of a minefield, to get the technology to provide all the information. Some complexity is technical, requirements to provide data in certain formats, while other is a lack of clear documentation for technical implementation & support.

Working with this client, we realised lack of proper technical documentation made it difficult to resolve the issues.

However, once we managed to have a point of contact in their support department, we swiftly progressed and completed the project. 

One of the things that helped was how we work on software projects.

By using Agile development methodology, we kept clear track of items that we were in ‘to do’, ‘in progress’ & ‘done’

Also, by scheduling weekly touch points with DfT support, we were able to have a clear communication touchpoint, that allowed continual progress updates.

In the end, it was another challenging project and we love to solve technical challenges.

If you are looking for assistance to implement DfT feeds or need help with existing feeds related to AVL, Timetables & Fare data, we are here to assist. Please feel free to get in touch using the website or give us a call.

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