If you have the responsibility for managing your web site, you would have come across situations where you question whether the contact form is working and inquiries are coming through 100%, always.

It could be that the person who is designated to receive online inquiries is unavailable and you are unable to go through your customer online inquiries.

Fortunately, there is a simple way to ensure that no online inquiry is lost when being sent through from your web site to your email.

Ask your web development company, to ensure that all contact form submissions are saved in your web site securely. What does that mean? Simply put, use a contact form plugin that not only provides a way to fill a form and email it to you but also logs everything in the database. Sounds complicated? Not at all.

Once configured correctly, you can log in to your site and view all the inquiries in an excel-like easy to understand format. Sounds good?

At team InfoRox, every web development project we do, we ensure that all contact forms are reliable and all contact form inquiries are logged in a safe place in the web site and you as the business owner or the manager can log in and view them any time and from anywhere! This means if for any reason, the email disappeared in the ether, you are still able to access all the customer inquiries submitted to your site.

To find out more how to improve your existing web site, or help you with your web development project and online presence, our team at the Birmingham office is only a phone call away.