Back in 2017, NHS computers were hit by a virus so bad, it was thought to be the worst IT security disaster that NHS ever had.

In my discussion with IT security specialist at NHS, it came to light how the disaster unfolded when a user clicked and downloaded an attachment that they should have not have!

Yes, there is no silver bullet in IT security, however, more than often we see IT breaches resulting from simple and basic measures not implemented.

As a business owner, you are very well aware of other businesses getting hit by ransomware and viruses encrypting all your data and demanding a ransom to get the data back.

Your email system if not secured will become the launchpad for cybersecurity attacks on your business.

ENSURE THAT ONLY EMAIL ATTACHMENTS THAT ARE RELEVANT TO YOUR BUSINESS ARE ALLOWED TO PASS THROUGH! Had this been in place, the 2017 NHS cybersecurity disaster would not have happened.

Your email service provider should know how to do this and we would expect they would have taken actions to block potentially harmful attachments from entering your organisation’s email system.

If you need any advice regarding protecting your emails, or improving IT security and infrastructure within your organisation, please feel free to get in touch.