Over the years, apps & web development have evolved. As we live in a more on-demand, speedy world, the success of a software project is now defined by how soon things can ‘Go Live’.

One thing that cuts down time delivery is high-quality testing. With automated testing and regression, web development companies can test the code better and at the speed of light.
This does not mean that it removes the element of human testing. However, successfully weekly releases are almost impossible without test automation.

The second and equally important thing is making deployment easier and faster. This is achieved through ‘Continous Integration & Deployment’.

By automating the two, not only your cost goes down as technology does a lot of work, but also, it improves the quality of software and the deployment process.

At InfoRox, CI/CD ( Continuous Integration / Continuous Deployment ) is one of the several things we do to ‘make things go faster.

Using our bespoke processes and closely focusing on the latest technologies, we do weekly releases for most of our projects.

Interested in doing a web project, where the good stuff is released to production every week? Get in touch and we will be more than happy to discuss this over a coffee at our office in Birmingham Business Park.