How weekly touchpoints transform our web & app development customers’ experience

One of the things we have learned over the years is that scheduled and recurring touchpoints are something you can not replace.

For our web & apps projects, we follow weekly touchpoints religiously.

Being an advocate of agile development, we realize that regular releases are important. However, from a customer point of view, a weekly touchpoint helps massively as well.

In the long run, this results in fewer emails. Weekly touchpoints allow us to make progress in chunks.

However, there is one secret about successful weekly touchpoints. We keep touchpoints short and only discuss what can be actioned in a meaningful way in the coming weeks (not months)

So what happens in a weekly touch point meeting?

The meeting always starts at pre-scheduled times.

We go through the collaboration board and show which items are going to be delivered this week.

We discuss customers’ future plans and add them to the backlog in a meaningful context.

We regularly come across customers who have had a ‘bad experience’ with web & app development. Just by keeping weekly meetings and keeping communication open, we are able to win their confidence.

So why most companies don’t do it? Because it is hard work. To go into weekly touchpoints, we have to work hard every week to move the needle of the project. Customers won’t be very happy finding out in the weekly meeting, that no progress has been made.

We feel as a web & app development company, this makes us more accountable. Also, this provides customers with a clear, expected and scheduled window to discuss their concerns.

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