When we pick up a project from a client where things have come to a halt and the client wants us to take up the project and finish it, we wonder why this happens?

From a project owner point of view, the customer provided everything their development company asked for and then… surprising new costs!

In our internal team meetings, we asked, why this happens, why clients end up in a situation like this?

The most evident reason for this – Having not clearly defined what they wanted – But This finding is nothing new, Right?

Then why we are still seeing this as the No. 1 reason for killing and delaying projects?

Missing Ingredient No. 1 – High-Quality Acceptance Criteria

Your acceptance criteria for every functionality and feature in your product (or project) ‘must be defined in the super clear developer-friendly format’.

Web and apps development companies who know about this ‘Secret Ingrideint’, will not start development unless well-defined acceptance criteria are available to them.

A user story identifies what you (as product owner) or your customer wants in the product.

Example: As a customer, I should be able to login to the site

Acceptance criteria cover in detail all the things that need to happen before the ‘login feature’ will be marked as complete.

Usually, acceptance criteria are defined in 2 to 3 lines of text, though sometimes covering a whole A4 sheet.

Wondering what does high-quality acceptance criteria look like?

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