At InfoRox, we work with startup owners all the time.As a business that has owned one or two startups as well, there are few things we can suggest to startup owners who are looking to start a web development or mobile app project.

As startup owners looking to build a new project, you would usually have a document where you have listed the functionality and features you want in your product service.

That’s great. Now let’s go one step further.

Enter ‘User Stories’

“As a customer, I should be able to login to the app”
“As a teacher, I should be able to create a new course”
“As a product owner, I should be able to see a list of all customers”

Every user story, details the functionality of your product, from a user point of view. This is fundamental for Agile Development as it relies upon adding value from a user’s perspective.

Writing these one-liners can take a huge amount of your time, however, you must get these right.

Once you have made your list of ‘user stories, and have also finalised which user stories are going to be part of MVP ( Minimum Viable Product), you can go to any development company and they should be able to do project costing accurately and with an informed time estimate.Of course, you can always ask your development company to work with you and create user stories to save you time.

We do this by organising a ‘Discovery Session’.

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