In the ever-evolving world of web development, staying updated with the latest tools and libraries is crucial. Vue.js, a popular JavaScript framework, has been gaining traction among developers due to its simplicity and versatility. As we step into 2023, it’s the perfect time to explore the top five Vue.js tools and libraries that are set to make a significant impact.    

Vite 2.0:   

Vite 2.0, the lightning-fast Vue.js build tool, continues to revolutionise web development. With seamless Vue 3 integration and native support for Vue single-file components, it’s the top pick for rapid development, boasting an ultra-fast development server and hot module replacement (HMR).    


Pinia is the top choice for Vue.js developers seeking an elegant and efficient state management solution. Inspired by the Composition API, Pinia offers a more type-safe and intuitive alternative to Vuex. With support for Vue 3 and TypeScript, it simplifies state management, making it an undeniable favourite for Vue.js developers looking to scale their applications effectively.   

Vuelidate 2.0:  

In 2023, Vuelidate 2.0 will remain the preferred choice for Vue.js developers seeking robust form validation. This library seamlessly validates form inputs, integrates smoothly with Vue 3 and the Composition API, and enables easy definition of validation rules, custom validators, and error messages while maintaining clean and maintainable code.  

Vue Router 4:  

Vue Router 4 remains a crucial tool for Vue.js developers. Optimised for Vue 3 and the Composition API, it simplifies the creation of dynamic routing structures, ensuring smooth navigation and enhancing the user experience in single-page applications.   

Vue Test Utils 2.0:   

Vue Test Utils 2.0 is the go-to library for thorough Vue.js component testing. It’s been improved for seamless compatibility with Vue 3 and the Composition API. Offering a variety of tools for component mounting, interaction, and behaviour assertion, Vue Test Utils 2.0 ensures the quality and reliability of your Vue.js applications through both unit and end-to-end testing.    

In 2023, Vue.js will thrive with a strong community and an expanding toolkit. These top five Vue.js tools will simplify development, enhance code quality, and elevate your Vue.js experience. Integrating these tools into your workflow will boost productivity and keep you at the forefront of web development trends.     

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