AngularJS continues to be a popular choice among developers for building dynamic web applications. While AngularJS has been succeeded by Angular, there are still many projects and applications that rely on this robust JavaScript framework. To make your AngularJS development process more efficient and feature-rich in 2023, it’s essential to incorporate the right libraries. In this blog, we’ll explore the top AngularJS libraries to use for web development 


UI-Router is a powerful library for managing routes and views in AngularJS applications. It provides advanced routing capabilities, including nested views and state-based routing, making it easier to manage complex navigation structures.  

Ng Animate   

Creating visually appealing and interactive web applications is crucial to modern web development. Ng Animate helps you achieve this by adding animations to your AngularJS applications with ease. Whether it’s adding simple fade-in effects or complex animations, Ng Animate simplifies the process, making your apps more engaging.  


Working with RESTful APIs is a common task in web development, and Restangular simplifies this process in AngularJS. It provides an intuitive way to perform CRUD operations on resources, making API integration more straightforward.  

AngularJS Material   

AngularJS Material is a library that brings Material Design components and styles to AngularJS applications. With a wide range of pre-built UI components like buttons, dialogues, and input elements, it allows you to create beautiful and consistent user interfaces in your projects.  

Angular UI Bootstrap  

Angular UI Bootstrap is an AngularJS version of the popular Bootstrap framework. It provides a collection of directives that seamlessly integrate Bootstrap’s CSS and JavaScript components into your AngularJS applications.    


Authentication is a critical aspect of web applications, and Satellizer makes it easier to implement authentication with social media logins (e.g., Facebook, Google) and traditional username/password authentication in AngularJS projects.    


Storing data locally on the client side is a common requirement in web applications. ngStorage simplifies local storage and session storage management in AngularJS. It provides a straightforward API for storing and retrieving data, making it an essential library for data persistence.    

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