Web Development Company UK

When it comes to selecting the best app and web development company in the UK for your business, Inforox stands out as a trusted partner. Established in 2012, we have built a reputation for delivering highly competitive and futuristic web design. Our clients choose us for the quality of our work and remain with us because of our unwavering commitment to supporting their digital businesses for the long term.

Secure Software Development

With deep experience working in the financial sector, we are one of the very few companies in the UK, that have a secure software development life cycle (SSDLC) implemented in our development framework.

Trusted by Customers

Working with customers across Birmingham & UK, well-known brands including start-ups and household names like SERCO trust us with their web & app development projects that require quality & weekly releases.


Your customer’s experience depends on how you add new value to your product & services. We want to come up with new ideas to create a more impactful user experience. That is one more reason why startups work with us.

Passionate Support

Because our team members love what they do, our customers notice how passionate we are about supporting them.

Product Specialist

Having experience in large-scale product development ( and not just one-off projects) has been vital for our success.

Deep Expertise

From rocket fuelled CRMs to Offline Apps, from hardware integrated apps to 100 million rows processed in real time, we are hard-problem lover

Creating Digital Experiences that Excite and Inspire in Web Development, UK 

Welcome to Inforox, a full-service Web Development Company in UK. Our team of professional developers combines their knowledge and expertise to deliver exceptional web and app development solutions tailored to meet your business needs. 

Your Vision, Our Expertise 

At Inforox, we pride ourselves on delivering high-quality digital products that make a real difference. From concept to completion, we focus on the unique needs of each client, ensuring that every project reflects their vision and achieves their goals. Our portfolio includes successful projects for renowned clients like Syc2j, Tech-RFID, Pallet Tracker, and London Business School. 

Comprehensive Web Development Solutions in the UK 

As a leading web development company UK, we offer complete solutions that bring together specialists from various fields. This collaborative approach allows us to leverage the full range of our team’s expertise, ensuring the best possible outcomes for your project. 

Dedicated Teams in the UK for Exceptional Results 

Your project will benefit from a dedicated team that understands your brand and product. This ensures a focused approach and a commitment to delivering results that exceed expectations. Our team’s dedication and client-centric approach make Inforox a standout choice for web development. 

Passion for web and app development

Based in Birmingham, Inforox is driven by a passion for web and app development. We believe in making complex processes simpler through technology and innovation. Our scalable solutions are designed to grow with your business, serving both current needs and future expansions. We have partnered with diverse clients, from startups to established brands like SERCO and London Business School. 

Agile Development Methodology 

We embrace an agile development approach, ensuring swift and efficient project progress. Our team web and app development team in UK is among the few that implements weekly software releases, promoting continuous improvement and timely delivery. 

Wide Range of Web Development Services in the UK 

Inforox offers bespoke web and app development, IT security services, and consultancy. Whether you need a simple website, a complex enterprise system, or a mobile app, our team has the skills and experience to deliver. Our work is scrutinised for web security compliance, particularly for projects involving PCI and fintech standards. 

Expertise in Cutting-Edge Technologies 

Our expertise spans multiple platforms and technologies, including PHP, Laravel,.Net, React, Android, iOS, Flutter, and React Native. We have a proven track record of delivering award-winning mobile and web apps for clients across various industries. Notably, our team developed the innovative MetalCash Card app, demonstrating our capability to meet specific client requirements. 

Engage with us. 

If you’re looking for a reliable and innovative web development partner in UK, Inforox is here to help. Visit our Birmingham office for a coffee or book a discovery session on how we can assist with your web and app development needs. Let’s build something great together!