When it comes to web development, PHP is a popular programming language that has been used for decades. It offers a wide range of frameworks and libraries to simplify the development process. Two of the most used options are Core PHP and Laravel. In this blog, we will explore the key differences between Core PHP and Laravel to help you make an informed decision when choosing the right tool for your web development project.

Core PHP

Core PHP, also known as vanilla PHP, refers to the native PHP language without any additional framework or library. It allows developers to write PHP code from scratch and build web applications without relying on pre-built solutions.

Complexity: Developing a complete web application in Core PHP can be complex and time-consuming. Developers need to handle every aspect, from routing to security, by themselves.

Lack of Structure: Core PHP does not enforce any project structure or coding standards, making it easier to end up with disorganised code.

No Built-in Features: Core PHP lacks many built-in features and functionalities that frameworks like Laravel provide, such as authentication, routing, and database management.


Laravel is a modern and robust PHP framework that has gained popularity for its elegant and developer-friendly features. It simplifies web development by offering a structured approach and a wide range of pre-built tools and libraries.

MVC Architecture: Laravel follows the Model-View-Controller (MVC) architectural pattern, providing a clear separation of concerns and making code more organised and maintainable.

Artisan CLI: Laravel includes the Artisan command-line tool, which automates various tasks like database migrations, seeding, and code generation.

Authentication and Security: Laravel offers built-in authentication and security features, reducing the effort required to secure your application.

Key Differences:

Structure: Laravel enforces a structured development approach with MVC, while Core PHP is more flexible but lacks a predefined structure.

Development Speed: Laravel accelerates development with its built-in tools and features, while Core PHP may require more time and effort.

Code Quality: Laravel encourages cleaner and more organised code, while Core PHP projects can become messy without strict coding standards.

Core PHP and Laravel both have their merits and are suitable for different scenarios. Core PHP offers complete control and flexibility, making it an option for experienced developers who prefer to build everything from scratch. On the other hand, Laravel provides a more structured and efficient way of developing web applications, making it a great choice for projects where speed and maintainability are crucial.

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