Recently one of our customers advised us that their online enquiries seemed to be dropping.
Upon analysis, we could see that this appeared to be true.

We looked into this and came across an unusual reason.

Fortunately, the tools and technologies we use came handy in resolving this issue.

We found that our customer had updated images on the page. What they did not realise was that images were extraordinary big size. An image of 15 MB!

It was a good looking image, however, it was resulting in slow page load time and visitors were not prepared to wait that long to view the page.

Combine with other things on the page, the total load time had gone up to 15 seconds.

Using the session recorders we provide to our customers, we could see the visitors looking at a half-loaded page and eventually closing the browser window.

To solve this, we used high-end image compression technology that compresses the image without compromising the quality.

Cut long story short, page load time went back to 4 seconds!

A few days later, their online enquiries improved again.

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