As we continue to assist customers to improve their organisational IT & Web security,  we always see an increase in these threats and attacks just before Christmas and new year break.

From fake bailiffs calling Hotel Manager from a Spanish mobile number demanding payment over the phone for a service that customer never used, to several of customers’ sites coming under attack, we are convinced that your business will be at higher risk of Web & IT security threats during Christmas and new year break. There could be several reasons for this including, higher online consumer spending in December to the fact that people are away for longer periods during the festive period.

Our advice to most of the businesses out there is to have an IT security company to be there when you need them in a situation like this. We are probably the only web development company in Birmingham that also provides IT security service. This means everything we develop has to meet our security compliance standards as well.
If you need any help to bolster your Web & IT Security, our team at the Birmingham office is only a phone call away.