Web Development Coventry

If you’re in search of web development services in Coventry, we invite you to explore the advantages of our ‘forward-thinking and technology-focused’ approach to web development.

Secure Software Development

With deep experience working in the financial sector, we are one of the very few companies in the UK, that have a secure software development life cycle (SSDLC) implemented in our development framework.

Trusted by Customers

Working with customers across Coventry & UK, well-known brands including start-ups and household names like SERCO trust us with their web & app development projects that require quality & weekly releases.


Your customer’s experience depends on how you add new value to your product & services. We want to come up with new ideas to create a more impactful user experience. That is one more reason why startups work with us.

Passionate Support

Because our team members love what they do, our customers notice how passionate we are about supporting them.

Product Specialist

Having experience in large-scale product development ( and not just one-off projects) has been vital for our success.

Deep Expertise

From rocket fuelled CRMs to Offline Apps, from hardware integrated apps to 100 million rows processed in real time, we are hard-problem lover

At Inforox web development company, we understand the importance of highlighting your brand’s unique qualities. We specialise in web development that effectively showcases your brand’s differentiators and enables you to make a lasting impression on your audience.

Our web development services in Coventry are built on the foundations of technical experience, diverse skill sets, and quality-assured code. The agile approach of our team have been the driving forces behind creating effective, reliable solutions.

Our approach to secure software development begins with a comprehensive analysis of potential vulnerabilities, followed by meticulous code writing and regular security testing throughout the development process. 

We actively listen, acquire knowledge, and deeply comprehend the needs, challenges, and objectives of your business. Gathering a comprehensive understanding of your requirements to turn your vision into a tangible product.

As a leading web development agencyOur primary focus is on crafting a user-friendly interface that optimises business efficiency and streamlines operations, specifically tailored to meet your business’s unique requirements. Throughout the process, our dedicated team will be by your side, guiding you every step of the way, to ensure everyone is aligned and on the same page. 

We believe in the power of continuous improvement and timely delivery, which is why we run weekly software releases to ensure our clients stay on the cutting edge of technology. 

Our skill in delivering real-time updates empowers us to provide high-performance applications that offer real-time insights and responsiveness, enhancing user engagement and overall satisfaction.

We collaborate closely with you to design an effective system that fits your needs and exceeds your expectations. 

We design visually captivating user interfaces (UI) that offer seamless usability, making navigation, comprehension, and control effortless.

Our UK-based ISO-certified web hosting is a reflection of our commitment to excellence. We offer reliable and secure hosting solutions to businesses in the UK and beyond. We are customer-centric and focus on delivering exceptional service.

Our team of web developers stays up-to-date with the latest web development trends and frameworks, including Laravel, to ensure that we are at the forefront of technology. Laravel web development allows us to build feature-rich web applications with ease. Our team of web developers leverages the flexibility and efficiency of Laravel to create custom web applications that are secure, high-performing, and user-friendly.   

Our PHP development services utilise the versatility of PHP to develop dynamic websites and web applications tailored to your specific needs. Whether you need a Laravel web development or PHP development solution, we are committed to delivering exceptional results that help your business.   

If you’re in search of web development services in Coventry, look no further than partnering with Inforox. We are located near Coventry, making collaboration effortless. Contact us today to start a discussion about your web development needs. Our committed team is ready to provide guidance every step of the way, from conceptualisation to launch and even beyond.