We recently found out about this issue and have reported this to Samsung.

It looks like some of Samsung new phones rely on a third-party service provider for identifying calls from potential spam and fraudulent callers.

It turns out when some of Microsoft agents call customers who are using new Samsung phones, some users see a ‘Fraudulent Call Alert’ on their phones.
In some cases, calls are quietly blocked, and users will not receive any notifications.

The issue is related to the ‘Caller ID and spam protection’ feature available in some of the new Samsung phones in the UK. In this case, apparently, the third-party provider that Samsung uses has incorrectly labelled Microsoft’s particular number as ‘Potential Fraudster’ in their database.

Identifying unwanted callers and blocking fraudulent calls is a growing market and lots of tech companies are currently developing technologies in this domain.

As a business owner, are you confident your telephones numbers have not ended up in some provider’s ‘Blacklist’?

Following are our suggestions for you.

Contact your online marketing/reputation management partners and ensure your online reputation is well-managed.

Ensure your contact details are identified correctly on online listings and portals.

And check your details with ‘Spam caller database’ providers to ensure your business is not blacklisted incorrectly.

If you need assistance with your online presence, feel free to get in touch.