Whether you run an enterprise or a start-up, one thing you can easily do to improve your user experience and SEO is to ensure your site is SSL compliant. This means, your web site has a security certificate installed and all traffic between your users and your site is always encrypted. Given that it is really easy to fix this issue, we are amazed to see that there is still a large number of web sites running without SSL. When a user visits a site without SSL installed, they see an unpleasant ‘ Not Secure Warning’. And if this does not motivate you enough, you should know that Google & other search engines will take a negative view of this and this affects your search engine appearance. At InfoRox, all of the sites we create are SSL enabled as standard and we offer ‘secure site guarantee’ as well. So if you need any help with SSL on your site, get in touch and our guys at the Birmingham office will be happy to help you.


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