Recently, we wrote about gearing up your web security before the month of December. So you know, a web hosting company called smarterasp that specialised in providing hosting for small business was hit by ransomware over the weekend. All the customers’ sites they hosted and customers’ data were encrypted by hackers and they demanded a ransom, in return for the key to decrypt the files. Smarterasp has today paid the ransom to be able to recover and restore the customers’ data. Sounds unreal! Or maybe not relevant? What if your web development company has been hosting your site on smarterasp or platform that could be next to be comprised?
Our advice is to find a web development company that can provide you with credible evidence that they are serious about web security. We are the only web development company in Birmingham who also offer IT security service. This means, all the web development work we do, must comply with IT security standards that we follow.
We wish smarterasp good-luck and hope lessons will be learned from this and not only smarterasp but all the web hosting companies will improve their web security and data backup infrastructure. If you are concerned about your web security or would like to discuss how you can protect your business from IT security threats, we are only a phone call away.